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Shatira Catering

"Shatira is sandwich in Arabic. The word is catchy and fun; try saying it 10 time quickly!", Mahmoud Abed told us when asked about his business, Shatira Catering. Mahmoud is the man behind the amazing collection of Mediterranean spices, infused oils and Mediterranean catering here in Ottawa. 

The business is centered around the idea of fresh, wholesome ingredients and spreading kindness. 

"At Shatira we believe in the importance of using fresh and local ingredients. We also believe that "sharing is caring". We proudly donate  10% of our profit to local food banks," Mahmoud told us. 

When not in the kitchen, Mahmoud spends his time with his wife, Lamya, and two young boys! When asked about his family, he said "My wife is my advisor and my kids are my tasting team. I could not do it without their endless support and belief in me". 

Shatira Catering offers catering services with sandwiches, salads, charcuterie boards, and more. 

They also sell their line of Mediterranean Spices, oils and delicacies on their website. 

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