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One of Ottawa's Hidden Gems - Ola Cocina Taqueria

Tucked away between New Edinburgh and Vanier on a quiet side street is a tiny little restaurant bursting with flavour. Ola Cocina Taqueria is owned by Cordon-Bleu Chef Donna Chevrier. 

When I popped in to check out their hot sauces, I made a point to order three different tacos to enjoy when I got home. (Spoiler alert - THEY. WERE. AMAZING!) The atmosphere of the restaurant is so fun and the team were excited to showcase their products. I can't wait to go back after the pandemic to sit in and enjoy the in-person experience. 

Chef Donna opened the restaurant in 2013 when she was faced with the choice between buying a house or a restaurant.

"And here we are!" she told us. "My doors are still open 8 years later - through vandalism, theft, rain, shine, snow and a pandemic". Though the restaurant is a treasured gem to many, the team needed to change up operations due to Covid restriction. Like other restaurants, Ola Cocina Taqueria switched to a take-out model.

"I find just doing takeout is nowhere near the same mindset as a little tiny service restaurant. You have to be able to drop your vision, take a step back and keep going in other directions. There’s nothing to measure yourself against. It just is" reflects Chef Donna.

Despite the challenges, ups and downs, they have continued forward. Their menu boasts FIFTEEN different tacos! I hear they also have some pretty awesome margaritas! You can order on their website! The hardest part is deciding what to order. Being in lockdown, however, means that you can order one of each and nobody will be the wiser ;) 

This month we are featuring Ola Fantasma, one of their signature hot sauces. This sauce has a medium spice level with a mango and pineapple base. We hope you love it! 

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