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Manotick Natural Market

In the heart of Manotick, you can find Darpan Ahluwalia's Manotick Natural Market. Darpan is well known in Ottawa as the Total Nutrition Diva on Call and she is doing incredible work to help people find a healthier lifestyle. 

When I stepped into her shop, I felt instantly calm. Maybe it was the décor, or perhaps the natural aromas in the air, but Darpan's friendly greeting was certainly a contributing factor. The shop sells all the fixings you would expect in a natural market: supplements, vitamins, and natural products, but you can also find many treasures inside! From chakra stones, to candles, to locally made products and gifts, this shop has something for everyone. 

I follow Darpan on Facebook and love to hear about her work. Not only does she run the shop, but she offers health advice and innovative technologies to uncover the questions you may have about your health. Watching her live blood analysis videos has the health nerd in me at the edge of my seat. 

"I love watching the white blood cells, when I am doing a live blood analysis for a client. It gives me so much information to help my clients. Love hacking the red blood cells and everything in between. The terrain gives me a story and that is as close as I can get to how I can help your body", she wrote on a Facebook post about live blood analyses. 

If you have questions about nutrition, health, or wellbeing, Darpan will be a great resource. Send her a message, stop into her shop or follow her on social media! 

We included Spry gum and lemon water flavoring from her shop in our June box along with $5 vouchers to Manotick Natural Market. 

If you are in Manotick, you should definitely stop by and check it out at 1136 Tighe Street! 

And follow Darpan and the Manotick Natural Market on the socials!

FB: @DarpanTNDoC and @manoticknaturalmarket
Insta: @ManotickNaturalMarket