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Broadwood Farm - Local, Fresh, Natural!

Meet Bradley Grice of Broadwood Farm! We are featuring his fresh and delicious microgreens in this month's box! We got the opportunity to ask him a couple of questions about his passion and business! 

How did you get started? 
We started the farm part time in November of 2018, with a single greenhouse, and no farming experience.  By the end of 2019 it became a full-time endeavor.  Now, we grow a variety of vegetables and herbs on less than an acre of land with a mix of field and greenhouse production, right here in Ottawa.
What motivated you to start farming? 
After working for 15 years as an engineer in the aerospace and defense industries, I followed my passion for the quality and nutrition of local food by starting Broadwood Farm.
Wow! That is quite the change! What is one lesson you learned along the way? 
A farm business is much more of a marathon than a sprint.  By farming in a regenerative and responsible manner, we are not only raising healthy crops to nourish our bodies, but we are rewarded with soil that is improving every year, and an ecosystem that keeps pests and predators in balance.  Over time production increases, and the effort to grow decreases.  We hope to demonstrate these benefits for years to come.
That sounds incredible! What is your favorite part of the business?
The constant and ever evolving challenges that we encounter every day.  We do our best to work with nature, and not against her.  Always striving for greater balance with the land around us.
What is something unique about your business? 
We farm at the human scale, without the use of chemicals of any kind (herbicides, pesticides).  We push the season right to winter in our cold Ottawa climate using simple but effective methods to protect our plants from the harsh climate.  
Who is involved in your business? 
For the most part I farm alone.  I have 1 part time employee, and often solicit the help of my wife and kids when the going gets tough.
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