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Animated Coffee

Featured in this month's box is Animated Coffee!

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I was first captivated by their colourful packaging depicting a variety of animals. As I learned more about their brand, I fell in love with their business mantra of helping animals. They donate 25% of their profits to animal rescues!

The business is owned by Tara and Ryan. Animated coffee currently offers roasts from places like Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, El Salvador and more. You can click on the coffee images on their website to learn more about where the beans come from and choose between whole bean or ground coffee. Check out their website at

Read our interview to learn more about this #local business! 

When did you start your business? We started the summer of 2014!
What inspired you to start your business?  We adopted our rescue dog Yuki in 2010, who was in need of extensive care. Yuki was the catalyst that brought Animated Coffee to life. As unique as Yuki is, sadly his story is not, it is one that bridges many species. With Animated Coffee we wanted to offer people the chance to do good, for all animals.
What are you most passionate about? Helping animal rescue organizations and charities!
What is the greatest obstacle that you have overcome?  Being a working mom, we started the company when I had 2 kids under 2! Working at my first live market, we had our 2 month old daughter attached to the hip (literally). Juggling being a mom and running a business is not easy, but I will never forget the experience! 
What is your greatest accomplishment? Getting my grandmother (83 years old!) to set up her own brewing section in her kitchen. She now knows how to store, weigh, grind and then brew with her clever dripper. She calls it her 'brew lab' I love it! Making a great cup of coffee accessible to everyone is what I strive for. 
Tell me one fun fact about yourself and or business: Working with animal rescues, I have learnt so much from interacting with different animal species. I've met parrots, donkeys, goats and horses to name a few!  You get a personal up close experience to the rescue world, which teaches me so much. Like one 'fun fact': parrots can outlive their owners, as they live so long!  
Anything else you would like to share?  Thank you for shopping and supporting local! Every cup of Animated Coffee generates 25% of proceeds to the animal rescues we work with.