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Amy's Little Plant Shop

Amy’s plant shop offers unique, locally grown and kept plants that are just waiting to be a decorative staple in your home. From the local support this shop shows, and the must-have accessories they offer, to the passion and TLC that goes on behind the scenes, you are sure to be a happy planter when shopping with Amy’s Little Plant Shop!

Amy is the woman behind Amy’s Little Plant Shop. She runs a plant shop out of Rockland, Ontario. They receive plants from local growers to provide to customers and handle the TLC in between. 

Not Only does Amy’s little Plant Shop have a selection of unique plants that are hard to find but also offer a variety of accessories and tools to help you become a 5-star grower. 

The best people to buy from are the ones that are passionate about their products and pleasant to their customers.  Amy provides exactly that. From her locally grown plants to her must have plant accessories, Amy provides the tender loving care that these plants need until they find their way to their new homes. The best part is, this is not only her passion, but her hobby as well. Her backyard greenhouse is where she grows and maintains her own variety of beautiful, and most importantly, healthy plants. 

Head to Rockland, Ontario to find Amy’s little plant shop and all the best, beautiful, and unique plants this locally owned business has to offer. You can also find them at: